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Operations Update

05 Sep 2013

Water disposal rises, 10K report delayed. more »

Green Tide Oil Cut Exceeds Expectations

09 Apr 2013

Austin, Texas April 9, 2013; Imperial Resources, Inc. (OTCQB: IPRC) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Imperial Oil & Gas, Inc. (together the 'Company', 'Imperial') is pleased to announce that a consistent, more »

Green Tide Extends Opening Hours

13 Mar 2013

Opening hours extended at Green Tide, increased staffing, scope for further optimization. more »

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Imperial Resources, Inc. is focussed on the rapid development of niche oil and gas assets in continental North America to grow revenues and assets by harnessing top industry experts and funding through its wholly owned subsidiary, Imperial Oil & Gas, Inc.

Welcome to Imperial Resources, Inc. OTCBB:IPRC

  • Imperial Resources, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Imperial Oil & Gas, Inc. (Imperial) has a highly focused strategy of building a substantial portfolio of oil and gas assets through its access to niche, low risk oil and gas opportunities in the onshore U.S. Imperial has extensive industry relationships and a strong management team, both in house and contracted-in, working to strict investment criteria in identifying low risk opportunities which combine rapid payout and long term revenue streams. This highly risk averse strategy aims to exploit high-growth projects which can deliver cash flows normally associated with higher risk projects but without exposure to high risk failure rates.
  • Imperial intends to rapidly grow into a substantial business by focusing on participation in low risk development projects within true Resource Plays. In parallel, Imperial also expects to identify opportunities which lack the enormous potential of Resource Plays but which may provide solid base cash flow at a very minimum risk to strengthen the foundations of the business.
  • To ensure operational management operates most efficiently, Imperial operational management and consultants are predominantly motivated by a success based structure, on a project by project basis, as opposed to receiving salaries and consultancy fees regardless of success for Imperial. This drastically reduces our key subsidiary’s operating overhead and also directly aligns the interests of our operational team with the interests of our investors: Success for Imperial is the fundamental key to management reward.

Imperial has existing production from its working interests in the Cochran #1 well in Colorado County, Texas.

First leasing of the Imperial Oklahoma Resource Play(potential ‘Company Maker’) is planned and the Company has opened its Green Tide salt water disposal facility which is expected to provide substantial cash flow.

A number of other pipeline opportunities are also available to Imperial and are under evaluation.

See Projects for more information.