Green Tide Rebuild Photos

Pictures of the rebuild.

Disposal Truck Offloading

Disposal Truck Offloading

Disposal Trucks On Site

Lighting Protection Rods in Low Sun

Lighting Protection Fitted to Tanks

Truck Offloading Points, Frac Tanks, Driver’s Shed, with Gun Barrel & Main Stock Tanks In Background

Frac Tanks On Site

Frac Tank Delivery

Water Leg Installed

Water Leg Installation to Gun Barrel Tank

Installation of main tank plumbing.

Installation of main tank plumbing to pumps.

Plumbing team on site.

Main tank plumbing going in.

Delivery of Gun Barrel (“Wash”)Tank. Used for recovering oil for sale from disposed salt water.

Gun Barrel Tank walkway installation

Gun Barrel walkway in situ

Power on to the SWDF

Tank battery with walkways installed

Overview of constructed site

New elevated tank pad

3 × 500 bbl stock tank arrival & preparation

3 × 500 bbl stock tanks positioned on site

New pump shelter & electrical shed

New berm, shelter and reconditioned pumps

New berm section

Replacement Gun Barrel tank

Replacement Gun Barrel tank